About us

Valjaonica bakra Sevojno is a leading player in the production and marketing of copper and copper alloys in South-East Europe region

The major part of our products goes to foreign markets (87%), mainly to those of West Europe. Our semi-products are designed for use in various applications, such as mechanical engineering, electrical industry, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, energetics, automotive and process industry, construction and architecture …

Valjaonica bakra Sevojno AD adopts certified quality management system in accordance with requirements of the SRPS ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Basis of our success and our vital aim are satisfied customers, as evidenced by a negligible scope of complaints on products we receive.

Our mission is to bring our busnisses to the next level in order to become one of leaders on the European market. Supported by 1.100 dedicated employees Valjaonica bakra Sevojno shall manage to achieve this.