Valjaonica bakra Sevojno has always been aware of the importance of social responsibility at running its businesses and fully committed to social and environmental issues of the local community in which it operates since its early years. Strongly contributing to growth and prosperity of its wider surrounding, Valjaonica bakra was and still is the main driver of the Uzice region development. Our belief is that investing in society in which we operate at the same time means investing in and strengthening of Valjaonica bakra Sevojno itself.

Despite the challenging situation prevailing during the last few years due to economic crisis we showed perseverance with regard to social responsibility. Our commitment was substantiated through a series of actions we supported and which were organized either by concerned individuals or organizations.

In partnership with the city of Uzice we deleveraged the NALED campaign which promoted the certification of cities with favorable environment, aiming to intensify a direct local and foreign investments as a result of good business climate. In this way, potential investors were invited to invest on local level and a city of Uzice gained support to become more  competitive in relation to other local governments in the region.

Upon initiative of the management, we actively participated in the action “Battle for maternity wards” by donating two CTG devices for needs of the General hospital of Uzice. These devices  largely facilitated the work of medical staff and in particular contributed to the feeling of ease and safety for pregnant women. Joint contribution of all donors completely satisfied the requirements for medical appliances of the maternity ward in Uzice. By this action Valjaonica bakra Sevojno proved its care for youngest population and continued its ongoing efforts for the future and prosperity of the local community in which it operates.

So we demonstrated our true committment ascertaining that it brings material results. Our primary objective is to be the backbone of the development of the region in which we operate, while the feeling of satisfying the needs of the community makes us proud of being oriented to the idea of altruism.