Environmental protection at VBS AD

Entire operations of VBS AD are performed in full compliance with legal regulations, applicable standards, corporate rules and other requirements of the good practice in the field of environmental protection, with the ultimate goal to minimize and finally eliminate all impacts and negative consequences harmful to environment.

VBS AD has its instituted waste management system based on adopted policies, with special focus on decrease in generation of hazardous and other waste materials. Waste management programme sets responsibilities and liabilities of employees concerning all activities in relation to proper waste handling.

Industrial waste water is purified and filtered in the own water treatment plant, thus preventing adverse effects on groundwater and surface waterways. Air protection is provided by efficient operation of ventilation and dust collection system of the Foundry, which includes all emission sources.

In order to measure and control effects on environment and to meet lawful provisions, VBS AD implements monitoring of all relevant parameters of environmental impact. Such monitoring results are analyzed and in case of identified non-conformities required technical-technological or other actions are introduced.

Company management at all levels has embraced the concept of continuous improvement of the environmental protection management system, permanently promoting the improvement. All employees are committed to achievement of set objectives and determined to act in a manner that shall prevent or at least reduce the impact of company operations on environment.
The priority goals of VBS AD in the forthcoming period are fulfillment of requirements for obtaining the integrated license and certification of the environmental protection management system in accordance with the SRPS ISO 14001:2004 standard provisions.