Milija Bozovic – General Director

Milija Bozovic has over  40 years working experience at  Valjaonica bakra Sevojno. He started  his career in 1976 and over the years served on responsible positions in the fields of finance, investments, analytics and marketing.  He acted as an executive in various VBS’ business units  and on  the corporate level as well. In 1992, he became a Commercial Dpt. Director and in 2004, he was promoted to the Executive Director of Valjaonica bakra Sevojno. Since June 2014 he is active  as  General Director of the company.

Mr. Bozovic graduated from the Podgorica Faculty for Economic Studies.


Stanimir Stankovic – Production Director

Stanimir Stankovic has more than 20  years experience in  Valjaonica bakra Sevojno. He started his professional career acting as engineer-technologist whereby he participated in determination of technologies for different products.

Since 2012, he performed tasks as a head of Extrusion plant. Implementing development projects concerning a new and existing equipment in the plant, he improved the work processes at both Extrusion plant and the whole factory. He actively participated in defining the organizational and technical capabilities of the production plants.

He performs the function of Executive director, the Production director, since October 2016.

Stanimir Stankovic graduated from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade.


Gordana Todorović – Sales Director

Gordana Todorovic  has more than 30 years experience gained working at Valjaonica bakra Sevojno.  Her career began in 1983, during which she held various responsible positions related to the sale. She dedicated her entire professional career to upgrade of Valjaonica bakra Sevojno operations by constantly supporting sales and product placement to domestic and foreign markets, contributing thus to further development of company’s Sales Division. She acts as Sales Director since December 2014.

Mrs. Todorovic graduated from the Belgrade Faculty for Economics in 1982.


Natasa Pancic – HR and Corporate Affairs Director

Natasa Pancic has more than 20 years of work experience in the field of the HR Management. In the course of her impressive career, she served at responsible positions as Manager and Executive Manager for HR Development at companies Soko Stark, Droga Kolinska, Beohemija and Termoelektro. In 2011, she joined East Point Holdings where she was first appointed the Group HR Manager. From June 2012 till September 2014, she acted as Executive Manager for Corporate Affairs at NOVKABEL a.d. (Novi Sad) – member of the East Point Holdings Ltd. Currently, she works as Director of Group HR at the East Point Holdings Group and Executive Manager for HR and Corporate Affairs at Valjaonica bakra Sevojno.

At the same time, she is active as a consultant – professional associate in the field of human resources in various consulting companies. She realized her academic career as an adjunct professor at the University Singidunum.

Natasa Pancic graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and gained a title Graduate Engineer of Organizational Sciences – subject area Management.


Vasa Zigic – Purchasing Director

Vasa Zigic has almost 30 years experience at large trading companies involved with different types of equipment (mining, engineering and construction equipment) and goods (ferrous and non-ferrous metals). He began as economist at Generalexport in Serbia, the company with annual turnover of USD 7 Billion and 5.000 employees worldwide. In the period 1992-2001, he worked in Moscow, first at Unibros Holdings Ltd (iron and steel sector) and in 1996 he joined  East Point Holdings Ltd. at its Moscow branch office. In 2011, he moves to Belgrade and performs since then a responsible tasks  at EPH, mostly related to Valjaonica bakra Sevojno.

Currently he acts as Purchasing Director at Valjaonica bakra Sevojno.


Milos Zdravkovic – CFO

Milos Zdravkovic has nearly 10 years of experience in the field of finance. Before he was recruited to Valjaonica bakra Sevojno, he was engaged in auditing and served as consultant at Deloitte d.o.o. He implemented the internal control system at Roaming Electronics d.o.o., Belgrade, and from November 2013 he holds the position of the Director of Finance at Valjaonica bakra Sevojno.

Mr. Zdravkovic graduated from the Belgrade University Braca Karic.

Milomir Cvijovic – Director for Production Technical Support

Milomir Cvijovic has 15 years of service at Valjaonica bakra Sevojno. He performed responsible tasks in the field of electrical maintenance and design. He managed a number of projects for the purpose of production process modernization. Since 2013, he acts as Director for Production Technical Support.

Mr. Cvijovic holds degree in Electrical Engineer for Industrial Energy from Cacak Faculty of Technics.