Safety at work

Valjaonica bakra Sevojno is strongly oriented towards preservation of health and safety at work. We are aware that sound operation and healthy and safe working environment represent crucial prerequisites for maximum productivity.

In 2008, Valjaonica bakra Sevojno among the first in its surrounding conducted risk assessment of workplaces and working environment on the basis of which it was concluded how many workplaces are carrying an increased risk and  what kind of hazards, detriments and risks endanger every workplace. All employees on these positions are periodically referred to medical examinations which ensures regular monitoring of their health condition.

All workers are equipped with regulatory personal protective appliances, whereby the decisive role plays the quality of protective equipment.

Inspection of work equipment and the working environment and conditions is done periodically by accredited bodies. The same applies to insulation and our Rescue squad equipment.

VBS is always committed to safe and sound production processes. Such approach of the VBS’ management and employees ensures declining injuries at work, aiming to reduce them to the very minimum.