Careers at VBS

Valjaonica bakra Sevojno AD is the company with great tradition whoose deep roots lead back to the year 1952. Development of the company largely contributed to the development and growth of the city of Uzice, bringing progress to the entire region of Western Serbia.

Throughout its long history, Valjaonica recruited and promoted its staff who left a positive mark on the whole non-ferrous metals industry. At present, Valjaonica is facing an extensive shift of generations. New era requires new people being capable to quickly accept changes dictated by fluctuations of the global market. For the purpose of human resources renewal, Valjaonica bakra Sevojno is open for communication to everyone who wants to work in challenging, dynamic environment and to invest in the long run in their own professional advancement.

We wish to collaborate with vigorous, proactive people regarding the modern market situation as a challenge and who are willing to prove themselves as top specialists. We are focused above all on unexperienced professionals. Hard-working and loyal talents primarily from the metallurgical, then mechanical, electronic and electric engineering fields are welcome with us.

Contact: posao@vbs.point-group.com

We do not offer a job. We offer the career.