Oil coolers for energetic transformers

FEMOD manufactures several types of oil coolers for energetic and distributive transformers, using water or air as cooling fluid, with power range from 50 KW up to 700KW, of forced and natural flow. Types of exchangers are: OFAF, OFWF or ONWF. (OF – oil forced; AF – air forced; ON – oil natural; WF – water forced)

All types of coolers can be made according to buyer’s plans and documentation, samples or personal projects based on comprehensive projects.

Air coolers OFAF are manufactured as standard, serial product in several different sizes and out of high-finned copper tubes in chess-like layout. Fins are made of aluminium and fin-type defined in accordance with working conditions (see catalogue of finned tubes).

Dimension of the exchangers are defined in accordance with requested heating capacity, storage and buyer’s special demands.

The same or at least resembling structure is used for cooling stator windings of generator in hydroelectric power plants.

oil_coolers_01With 2 fans
oil_coolers_02With 3 fans
Items: 1 – Manifold, 2 – Cooler body, 3 – Cooler enclosure, 4 – Fan
Oil-Air coolers (OFAF) for energetic transformers production:
oil_coolers_03Transformer 150 MVA, EMS – TS Jajinci
oil_coolers_04Transformer 400 MVA, EMS – TS Obrenovac
Type of cooler OFAF Cooling power kW SIZES Total weight kg Fan unit Outside connections Noise dB
Number Power kW
HTU 175 175 2600 894 742 314 1250 2 1.1 PM16, DN125 75
HTU 225 225 3554 785 808 278 1400 2 1.1 PM16, DN125 75
HTU 300 300 3554 815 980 305 1600 3 1.1 PM16, DN125 80
HTU 380 380 3554 890 980 340 1800 3 1.1 PM16, DN125 80
HTU 400 400 3554 890 980 340 1900 3 1.1 PM16, DN125 80

Oil-water coolers (OFWF, ONWF) are made upon buyer’s request with all technical para- meters defined (required exchange power, flows, pre- ssures, input and output temperatures of water and oil, built-in-sizes, dimensions and connection type for fluids, etc.). OFWF cooler of 250 KW for transformer 112 MVA in HPP (Hydro Power Plant) Bajina Basta on Perucac lake (picture right).