VBS' product portfolio


Valjaonica bakra Sevojno produces high quality tubes from copper and copper alloys. Wide range of copper types and alloys, diversified product mix* and excellent performance make our products suitable for various industrial applications, as well as for the use in construction sector, e.g. for installations and interior and exterior purposes. 



Tubes are manufactured in compliance with EN, DIN, GOST, BS and other world standards, but also in accordance with specific requirements of customers. Such requirements may relate to tighter tolerances, consideration of special engineering features, narrower field of mechanical properties and other characteristics specified to meet targeted application.

Copper tubes

Thanks to their outstanding durability, excellent thermal and electric conductivity and ease of shaping, copper tubes are good choice for various purposes in industry, construction, and generally household appliances. Manufacture of air conditioners and refrigerators, heating, plumbing and sanitary pipelines, as well as of installations for medical gases, manufacture of condensers and components for electric industry are just some of their numerous applications.


Assortment of copper tubes

Brass tubes

Due to their ideal property profile, very good formability and attractive appearance, brass tubes are broadly used, both as parts of installations systems, condensers and other industrial components, and as components for furniture industry and interior design, for manufacture of decorative articles, lighting elements and other countless purposes.


Assortment of brass tubes